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Check out some of my best customers giving us sterling reviews and successes using our coconut oil for pets!

“Thank you very much. My dog Zoe is doing well with this product. She does not chew on herself anymore from dry skin.”

“What a fantastic product! My dogs love it, they consider this product a super treat! Their coats have never looked better. I am officially a huge fan and will be giving this as a gift to anyone who has a dog. Highly recommended.”

“This is a great product! I can definitely see an improvement in my older female Lab’s mobility. It’s important to know we’re getting pure, organic coconut oil, too! Thanks, Sun Beams Brands!”

“This product has been a God send to my dogs. One in particular that has had all the symptoms of: Scratching profusely, a sort of fungal/ infection/allergy disorder. It really does what this product proclaims. The licking, hair loss, and spots in the skin have stopped. The coconut smell is enticing to the dogs. (I also enjoy the smell of the coconut oil.) The taste is very satisfying to my mastiff, chihuahua, and lab. I can tell that their digestive system has improved more than anything else I’ve used. I do use Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil regularly, but the coconut oil has improved their bowels, thus a healthier digestive tract and a boost to the immune system to guard against future infections, fungus, and ailments of such. I do not write to say impressive words. I am writing because it is true that I am discovering a change in all my dogs for the better. Apple Cider Vinegar (The Mother) helps the itching from the outside and Coconut oil is working from the inside out. Thank-you much for your informative emails It really shows that you stand behind your product and that you do care sincerely.”

“This is a great product. We live in a dry climate and this is helping keep her coat shiny in the cold weather!”

“Over the last year, I have become a big fan of coconut because of all its health benefits. So when this product came out I was excited to see if the discerning dachshund would actually consume it. Since the little dog is aging, we were looking for something that could aid digestion, improve her coat, and build up her immune system. Many dogs and cats are big fans of coconut oil so I thought I’d give it a try.When I got the package (it was a gift) I was glad to see that it was both certified organic label and cold pressed. The texture and smell were much better than the coconut oil I buy regularly–so that was a plus. Personally, I started using coconut oil a year ago because of the benefits and combined it with my intake of oregano oil which made a powerful combination and made the herbal oil more palatable.Anyway, it made sense to find something for pets. If you don’t know, coconuts are an excellent source of nutrients and the oil is particularly nutritious. It supplies the all important saturated fat a dog needs plus provides antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, it acts as an antioxidant and as a digestive aid and assists in the absorption of other minerals. This all means that the coconut oil has a lot of health benefits for pets.The discerning dachshund test started with about 1/4 of a tsp. The best ways to get her to eat it is to drizzle it onto her food or in a pill pocket. Some pets will eat it off of a spoon. However, I found that it can also be used topically to improve skin and coat condition and as a deodorizer.I always am conservative when starting to use a new product. This meant we built up her intake over 4 weeks. It is always best to slowly add something new with pets. Overall, I am excited to have found this product and think you will be too.”

Seller Ratings on Amazon:

“This is my second time purchasing this product. As usual, it was promptly delivered. This has become a staple in my dog’s diet, highly recommended!”

“My dogs love this coconut oil. They Lick it off my fingers. Will order again.”

“My Scottish terrier MacDougal has been plagued with allergies since he was a puppy, he is now about to turn 13. Believe me when I tell you it has been a battle to keep him healthy and comfortable has been a battle/struggle would be highly understated. We recently purchased the coconut oil along with Vet Tech’s allergy supplement and can see the improvement already.”

Email Accolades:

“Thank u for all the wonderful information about this product, dog issues, and coconut oil’s ability to resolve all the issues stated. My healthy 9 1/2 has all of the issues stated above. I felt so badly for him. He still shakes his back leg to scratch but I can see relief from pain, restlessness, and a type of infection or parasite just eating away at him constantly. The oil helped. I could tell from meal to meal. Thanks a million. I enjoy the emails.”

“Not only am I thrilled with your product,  I have become a brand ambassador!  My dogs are thriving, so soft, and happy! Your product has become my go to gift for anyone I know that has a dog. I did leave feedback on the Amazon website and will gladly continue to sing your praises. Thank you for the follow-up,  we are your biggest fans!”

Disclaimer: Please do not use coconut oil or any other supplement to treat an illness or condition or make signification modifications in your pet’s diet without consulting your pet’s veterinarian.

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