Coconut Oil Of Sunbeams Brand


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Coconut Oil for Pets of Sun Beams Brands is the very best coconut oil you can buy.

We have researched and tasted many different brands and have chosen the highest quality coconut oil for our product.

It is extra-virgin, certified organic, 100% pure, raw, cold-pressed, non-GMO and was not processed with bleach, deodorizer, nor is it refined in any way.

It contains all of the original MCT’s and lauric acid that are the cornerstone of the healthy benefits of coconut oil.

It will be solid in a cold area below 75 degrees but when warmed up becomes a soft paste and then will melt into a liquid.It will transition between these states as the temperature allows. It melts easily to be mixed in with your pet’s food. Click on the link above to get some for your pets today!

Coconut Oil For PetsCoconut Oil For Pets


Disclaimer: Please do not use coconut oil or any other supplement to treat an illness or condition or make signification modifications in your pet’s diet without consulting your pet’s veterinarian.

Glowing Health for your Pets!