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Susie Q
Our dog Susie Q

Our Goal Is To Share Our Knowledge About Coconut Oil For Dogs!

The inspiration for our dedication to this endeavor started with our dog, Susie Q, who passed away a few years back. She lived to be almost 15 human years old (105 in dog years!) and was a beloved part of our family. I wish I had known about coconut oil when she was alive because I know it would have made her life and her passing easier.  (And by the way, that IS Susie Q on our Coconut Oil for Pets label!)

We have spent a lot of time, energy and research to offer the VERY BEST quality organic coconut oil for pets.

Many samples were tested and only the best was chosen. Y

ou can be assured of the purest and highest quality premium coconut oil for your pets.

It is organically certified, extra virgin, cold-pressed, non-GMO coconut oil. It is not refined, bleached or deodorized, nor were there any chemicals or hexane used in the production of this oil.

Yes, it is human grade oil. Not only that, it is the best quality available anywhere because your pet deserves the very best that mother nature has to offer, and we bring it to you in our product, Coconut Oil for Pets.

Your pets will love the light sweetness of our coconut oil and will be begging for more!

Please see this page for some suggestions on how to use coconut oil for your pet.

This site was really built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful!

Disclaimer: Please do not use coconut oil or any other supplement to treat an illness or condition or make signification modifications in your pet’s diet without consulting your pet’s veterinarian.


Glowing Health for your Pets!