Coconut Oil for Dogs Benefits

External Use:
1. Rub it on your pets paws, nose and ears to
sooth rough patches and cracks.
2. Preventing and/or killing mites, fleas and
3. Disinfecting cuts and scrapes.
4. Helping wounds to heal.
5. Brightening skin and coats that go from
shabby to sleek!
6. Helping your pets breath smell fresh as it is
also a deodorizer. No more doggy breath.
When applying coconut oil externally on your
pet, you may want to cover the area with a towel
or a shirt to make sure he or she doesn't lick off
the oil as they do love the taste.

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Coconut Oil for Dogs (and Cats!)

Internally it may help with:
1. Increasing energy and well-being.
2. Arthritis and ligament ailments.
3. Fungal infections as well as yeast infections
like candidiasis and thrush.
4. Reducing the risk of cancer.
5. Thyroid conditions and functions.
6. Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive
tract problems such as colitis and ulcers.

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...Continued Internal Benefits for Pets

7. Nutrient absorption, digestion, metabolism and
hormone levels.
8. Fighting heart disease by improving
cholesterol content in the blood.
9. Prevention of herpes, measles and the flu
because of its potent anti-viral properties.
10. Control and even prevent diabetes,
osteoporosis, skin cancer, acne and other skin

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You have this lovable and adorable friend who is part of your life in almost every way, and here he is suffering from various diseases, illnesses, and discomforts. You have tried everything… you take him to the vet, you give him every imaginable pill, vitamin, food or treatment and you obtain only temporary relief if any. You feel helpless. You feel desperate but mostly you just feel bad for your pet as you witness his distress.

Or maybe there is nothing wrong. Maybe your pet is healthy and happy and your main concern is that he stays that way. You want to keep him around for as many years as possible in a vibrant state of life. In both cases above, that is where coconut oil comes in!